Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Corned beef and Cabbage

If you like Corned Beef this is Killer...

You're going to need to aquire:

1 Corned Beef Briskit
Some small red Potatoes Quartered
Some cabbage cut up
Some carrots cut into chunks
Good Brown Mustard (Boetches is the best)

In a Nesco or similar slow cooker imerse a Corned Beef Briscut in water. Just enough to make it wet on top. If there is a spice packet, open it and sprinkle it in the water surrounding the meat. Cook @250 degrees in water for 4 hours. If you cook it less it will be tough. If you cook it longer it will be falling apart.

A half hour before serving time start cooking carrots and potatoes in boiling salt water. Add cabage when it's time to braise Corned Beef.

Braising takes about 10 minutes.

Remove Corned Beef from Nesco and transfer to baking sheet. Coat with Honey/mustard blend. Bake to "Glaze" the meat. I do a 10 minute Convection Roast at 400 degrees.

Serve with the potatoes and cabbage.

This is one of my :"To die for recipies"

If you try it please let me know what you think..


  1. So, what's the total time you actually cook the cabbage? To me, there's nothing more nasty that over-cooked cabbage. The stuff mom cooked when we were kids comes to mind. I think she cooked it for days, and the smell in the house lasted longer (sorry, mom!).

  2. I actually do something similar, except, when I put the meat in the ove. I top it with brown sugar and mustard. DELISH!!